Master of Business Administration

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Available at


Gold Coast

Mount Gravatt


South Bank





1 to 1.5 years full-time
3 years part-time

Credit points


Indicative fee

$34,500.00* per year (more)
* 2019 indicative annual fee

Admission requirements

  • Any Bachelor degree or higher (4.5 GPA) and relevant work experience


Offered in

Trimester 1, Trimester 2 and Trimester 3

Next start date

Trimester 2, 2019 (more)

Applications close

Sunday, 16 June 2019

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Programs change over time. Course lists and requirements are specific to the year you started studying.


To be eligible for the award of Master of Business Administration (MBA), a student must acquire 120 credit points as prescribed below:

  • gain 90 credit points for core MBA courses
  • gain 30 credit points for approved MBA elective courses and/or international exchange component

Students who choose to complete a major will complete:

  • gain 80 credit points for core MBA courses
  • gain 40 credit points for one major.

This degree/s may be awarded with Distinction where a student achieves a minimum program GPA of 6.5 with no failed courses. The words 'This award was achieved with Distinction' will be recorded on the testamur and will appear below the conferral date of the award.

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level and Type

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. This qualification is accredited as an AQF Level 9 - Masters Degree (Coursework).

Program learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes communicate to the community the value of the Griffith educational experience as benchmarked against national qualification standards.

Program Learning Outcomes for this award describe the knowledge, skills and the application of knowledge and skills you will acquire through studying the Griffith program of your choice.

Note: Students are advised to click on the course code to find out more information on where and when the course is offered. MBA core courses are offered at South Bank campus and Gold Coast campus in alternating trimesters.

Students must complete the following courses:

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 1,2 7920IBA Sustainability and Systems Thinking (see Note 1) 10
Tri 1,2 7906MKT Marketing (see Note 2) 10
Tri 1,2 7905AFE Finance  10
Tri 1,2 7901AFE Accounting and Reporting  10
Tri 1,2 7902AFE Economics  10
Tri 1,2 7940AFE Business Law  10
Tri 2,3 7910EHR Managing Change Through Responsible Leadership  10
Tri 2,3 7916EHR People Management  10
Tri 1,2 7907IBA Strategy and Innovation (see Note 3) 10
Tri 1,2 or 3   Approved MBA Electives  30
Tri 1,2 or 3   International Exchange / ESSAM  20
Tri 1,2 or 3   Approved MBA Electives  10
Tri 1,2   Major (see Note 2) 40

Note 1: Students are encouraged to complete this course within their first or second trimester of study.

Note 2: Students who choose to complete a major are not required to complete 7906MKT Marketing.

Note 3: Students must complete the 7907IBA Strategy and Innovation in their final trimester of study.

Students must complete 40 credit points from the following courses:

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 1 7023GIR The Political, Legal and Governance Environment  10
Tri 1 7025GIR Policy Advice: Evidence, Argument and Persuasion in Policy-Making  10
Tri 2 7033GIR Prudence, Ethics and Accountability  10
Tri 2 7027GIR Implementation and Service Delivery  10
Tri 2 7024GIR Evaluating Policy and Measuring Performance  10
Tri 2 7036GIR From Policy to Delivery: Commissioning Public Services  10

Courses in this program may be available at multiple campuses and during a different trimester. Click on the course code to find out more information on where and when the course is offered.

Students must complete 30 credit points from the following courses.

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 1 7118IBA Information Policy and Governance  10
Tri 1 7115IBA Managing Complex Projects  10
Tri 1 7102IBA Strategic Supply Chain Management  10
Tri 1 7928IBA Cross-Cultural Management  10
Tri 1,2 7004GBS PG Business Internship I (see Note 1) 10
Tri 1,2 7005GBS PG Business Internship II (see Note 1) 20
Tri 1,2 7011EHR HRM Strategy (NA & GC Tri 2; NA Tri 1) (not offered in Tri 1-2019) 10
Tri 1,2 7210MKT Advanced Consumer Behaviour  10
Tri 1,2 7924IBA Negotiation Strategy and Skill (offered in Tri 1 from 2020) 10
Tri 2 7205MKT Brand Strategy and Management  10
Tri 2 7112IBA Globalisation and Corporate Social Responsibility  10
Tri 2 7232AFE Investments  10
Tri 2 7106IBA Managerial Problem Solving  10
Tri 2 7902MKT Master of Business Administration Special Topics  10
Tri 2 7901GBS Asia-Pacific Study Tour  10
Tri 2 7419PSY Strategic Organisational Psychology  10
Tri 1,3 7121IBA Leadership for Sustainable Business (NA&GC Tri 1; NA Tri 3) 10
Tri 3 7513IBA Managing Creativity in Organisations  10
Tri 3 7007GBS PG Global Mobility Internship II  20

Note: Students may also choose electives from other parts of the university that are relevant to their program of study. This option requires prior consultation with (and approval from) the Program Director.

Note 1: Students must meet pre-requisites stated on the course catalogue for entry into this course.