Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)

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Gold Coast

Mount Gravatt


South Bank





1 year full-time

Credit points


Indicative fee

$31,500.00* per year (more)
* 2019 indicative annual fee

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor of Health Science or equivalent with 5.0 GPA over second and third year



IELTS (Academic) (more)



Offered in

Trimester 1 and Trimester 2

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Programs change over time. Course lists and requirements are specific to the year you started studying.


To be eligible for the Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) [BHSc(Hons)], a student must acquire 80 credit points as prescribed below:

  • gain 20 credit points for the prescribed courses
  • gain 10 credit points for the elective
  • successfully complete the 50 credit point dissertation.

Note: The minimum period required to complete the degree is one year and the maximum time for completing the degree is three years inclusive of periods of leave of absence, termination or exclusion.


Classification of Honours

This degree with Honours may be awarded in the following classes:

  • Class I Honours
  • Class IIA Honours
  • Class IIB Honours
  • Class III Honours

The class of Honours to be awarded to each student in this degree will be determined by the relevant Assessment Board on the basis of a Program GPA and a minimum percentage for the Dissertation as outlined in the Calculation of Honours Classification section of the Bachelor Honours Degree (AQF Level 8) Policy.

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level and Type

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. This qualification is accredited as an AQF Level 8 - Bachelor Honours Degree.

Program learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes communicate to the community the value of the Griffith educational experience as benchmarked against national qualification standards.

Program Learning Outcomes for this award describe the knowledge, skills and the application of knowledge and skills you will acquire through studying the Griffith program of your choice.

Note: Students must check the prerequisite and incompatible requirements before selecting any course within this program.


Students must complete the following courses:

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 2 6001HLS Dissertation Preparation (see Note 1) 10
Tri 1,2 7018NRS Qualitative Research (see Note 2) 10
Tri 1,2 6002HLS Quantitative Research (see Note 2) 10
Tri 2 6003HLS Advanced Research Statistics (see Note 2) 10
Tri 1,2   Listed elective (see Note 3) 10
Tri 1,2 6004MSC_P1 Dissertation Thesis  10
Tri 1,2 6004MSC_P2 Dissertation Thesis  10
Tri 1,2 6004MSC_P3 Dissertation Thesis  10
Tri 1,2 6004MSC_P4 Dissertation Thesis  10
Tri 1,2 6004MSC_P5 Dissertation Thesis  10

Note 1: 6001HLS Dissertation Preparation must be completed in your first trimester of study.

Note 2: As approved by the Program Director.

Note 3: An alternative elective course may be substituted with approval from the Program Director in consultation with student and students' supervisor.


Students who wish to complete the program part-time will be required to consult with the Program Director to determine the appropriate program structure.

Students must complete 10 credit points from the following courses:

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 1 6001MSC Advanced Studies in Health Sciences  10
Tri 1 6003HLS Advanced Research Statistics  10
Tri 1 7021NRS Research Evidence and Practice (see Note 1) 10
Tri 1,3 7312MED Epidemiology: Principles and Practices  10
Tri 1,2 6004HLS Independent Study (not offered from T2-2019) 10
Tri 1,2 7103NRS Independent Practice Project  10
Tri 1,2 7018NRS Qualitative Research  10
Tri 1,2 6002HLS Quantitative Research  10
Tri 1,2 6005PHM Clinical Trials - Principles and Practice  10

Note 1: Students must have successfully completed either 6001HLS Dissertation Preparation or 7001HSV Foundations of Research Inquiry prior to enrolling in 7021NRS Research Evidence and Practice.