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3 years full-time
equivalent with advanced standing + 2 or 3 trimesters FT

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Why choose this program?

This Hong Kong government-accredited degree is delivered by Griffith University staff in partnership with Hong Kong-based tutors through an articulation arrangement with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since its introduction in 2006, more than 1000 students have graduated from this degree, which is regarded as a model of offshore program excellence in Hong Kong.

The choice of three majors gives you the opportunity to focus your study on an area of interest that suits you. Depending on what you choose, you can graduate with the skills to organise rock concerts and community arts festivals, to lead and manage teams, to develop and drive marketing strategies, or to manage large hotels around the world.


Event Management
Event management is an exciting and growing industry. You will develop business skills and specialist knowledge about how to organise, manage and promote events that will put you at the forefront of this amazing industry.

In this major, you will learn about management's core functions: communication, planning, teamwork, strategy, human resources, and self-development. You will also develop analytical, communication and decision-making skills, which will enable you to add value to any organisation.

In this major, you will learn about identifying and understanding markets and consumer behaviour. You will also learn how to develop strategies for staying ahead of competitors.

Attendance information

The program will be taught off-shore in Hong Kong. The program will be delivered through course materials and intensive blocks of face-to-face lecturing, tutoring and assessment in Hong Kong.

Each course will be delivered over a four-week period. Lectures will be delivered either in the first or second week by Griffith Business School staff. Twenty-six hours of lecture contact will be provided. Local staff appointed by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong and approved by Griffith University will conduct 13 hours of tutorials.

My career opportunities

As a graduate, you will be qualified for a career in business, industry and government in areas including administration, management, planning and policy support.

If you are already employed, the knowledge gained through this degree will increase your business value and prepare you for leadership roles.

Event Management
You will be prepared for work in government departments, sporting clubs, sport tourism, marketing, media, sporting and cultural organisations. Event managers design, organise and coordinate conventions, conferences, corporate meetings and exhibitions. They are responsible for every aspect of organising events, including marketing, catering, signage, translation, audiovisual displays, security and budgeting.

Good managers are needed across all sectors and in businesses of all sizes. With this qualification, you can apply your business management knowledge to an area of personal interest and find work as a business manager in human resources, strategy, planning and policy, or training and development.

Marketing professionals are employed in almost all sectors of government and industry - in any organisation that needs to promote its products or services, from entertainment and fashion, to tourism and business consulting. You will be prepared for work as a brand manager, marketing manager, advertising account manager, market research analyst, public relations manager, or sales manager.

Additional fee information

Please contact the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for details.