Bachelor of Medical Science

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Gold Coast

Mount Gravatt


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3 years full-time
equivalent offered over 2 years

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$9,359.00* per year (more)
* 2019 indicative annual CSP fee

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Entry requirements


OP 2019


Rank 2019

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Trimester 1


  • English (4SA)
  • For applicants who completed secondary studies up to three years before applying and have not attempted tertiary study at diploma level or higher

Assumed knowledge

  • Maths B (4SA)
  • One of Biology, Chemistry or Physics (4SA)

My details

Programs change over time. Course lists and requirements are specific to the year you started studying.


For the award of Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc), you must successfully complete 240 credit points, made up of the core courses AND

  • 10 credit points of listed electives;
  • 10 credit points of free-choice electives.

Other program requirements

You must successfully complete

  • no more than 100 credit points of Level 1 courses (the first number of a course code denotes the level);
  • at least 80 credit points of Level 3 courses or higher.

This degree/s may be awarded with Distinction where a student achieves a minimum program GPA of 6.5 with no failed courses. The words 'This award was achieved with Distinction' will be recorded on the testamur and will appear below the conferral date of the award.

Designated courses for the purposes of exclusion

The following course has been designated for the purposes of the Academic Standing, Progression and Exclusion Policy. The Dean and Head of School will carefully monitor any instances of exclusion.

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 2 2500MED Human Skills in Medicine  10

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level and Type

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. This qualification is accredited as an AQF Level 7 - Bachelor Degree.

Program learning outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes communicate to the community the value of the Griffith educational experience as benchmarked against national qualification standards.

Program Learning Outcomes for this award describe the knowledge, skills and the application of knowledge and skills you will acquire through studying the Griffith program of your choice.

Note: Students must check the prerequisite and incompatible requirements before selecting any course within this program.

Year 1

You must complete the following courses:

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 1 1021SCG Chemistry 1A  10
Tri 1 1041SCG Biological Systems  10
Tri 1 1001NSC Human Biology  10
Tri 1 2805NRS Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare  10
Tri 1   Free-choice elective  10
Tri 2 1022SCG Chemistry 1B  10
Tri 2 2002NSC Human Physiology  10
Tri 2 1042SCG Genetics and Evolutionary Biology  10
Tri 2 1014NSC Fundamentals of Biochemistry  10
Tri 2 2500MED Human Skills for Medicine  10
Tri 3 2016NSC Biosciences Laboratory  10
Tri 3 2220MED Epidemiology  10
Tri 3 3001MSC Science of Infection Control  10
Tri 3   Listed Elective  10

Year 2

You must complete the following courses:

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 1 2007NSC Human Anatomy  10
Tri 1 3007NSC Immunology  10
Tri 1 2003NSC Metabolism  10
Tri 1 2008NSC General Microbiology  10
Tri 1 3003NSC Neuroscience  10
Tri 2 3000MSC Integrative Medical Sciences  10
Tri 2 3012NSC Infectious Disease  10
Tri 2 3008NSC Pharmacology  10
Tri 2 3002NSC Clinical Pathology  10
Tri 2 3014NSC Advanced Physiology  10

You must complete 10 credit points from the following courses:

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 1 3005NSC NSC Project (not offered from 2019) 10
Tri 1,2 or 3 3922ESC Research Special Topic  10
Tri 1,3 3200LHS Independent Internship  10
Tri 3 3002LFC Community Internship  10
Tri 3 3003MSC Research Project  10
Tri 3 3024HSV Contemporary Issues in Ageing  10
Tri 3 2022LHS (Re)Imagining Aging and Dying 1 (not offered from 2019) 10
Tri 1,3 3142LHS (Re)Imagining Aging and Dying 1  10

You may select free-choice electives from the list below or any Undergraduate free-choice elective offered across the University provided pre-requisites are met. If you require guidance please liaise with your Program Director.

Trimester Course code Course title CP
Tri 1,3 1001PSY Introduction to Psychology 1  10
Tri 1,3 1008HSV Interpersonal Skills  10
Tri 1,3 1008CCJ Understanding Social Problems  10
Tri 1,2 1001EHR Work and Employability  10
Tri 1 1009PSY Introduction to Psychological Science and Society (not offered from 2019) 10
Tri 1,3 1011PSY Psychology in Professional Contexts  10
Tri 1 1003LHS Communication: A Linguistic Approach  10
Tri 1,3 2805NRS Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare  10