Masters Dissertation (7527QCA)

This course aims to equip students with necessary skills to complete the written component of their Masters Project. Students will become familiar with general conventions of academic writing, the characteristics of written analysis and the tools to evaluate and critically examine their practice. The dissertation must address and unravel the new knowledge or conceptual advancement inherent in the 40CP Research Project. The 40CP Research Project and the 10CP written dissertation will be examined together.

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10 (10)

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Band 1

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South Bank Trimester 1South Bank Trimester 2

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Restricted: Approval from Head of School

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8 July 2019
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21 July 2019
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4 August 2019
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8 September 2019
Restriction: Student must be in a QCA or GFS program. GC students must seek permission from SB program convenor to enrol in SB course. SB students must seek permission from GC program convenor to enrol in GC course.

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Seminar (47431) Open Thursday 11:00 - 13:50
Weeks 1 - 5, 6 - 12
S03 3.31
Grey Street Studio
South Bank Campus