Professional Project (7252AFE)

The important component of successful investing is determining the real value of investment asset, or simply speaking findings out what the asset is worth. Knowing that fundamental (or intrinsic) value assists in the investment decision-making, so the investor can decide whether to buy, sell or hold that asset. Finding out what the asset is really worth is a complex task, which requires detailed knowledge of the business environment (economy, industry, competitive position), skills in financial analysis, analysis of management, governance and strategy, valuation, appreciation of investment risks. The hardest task is to synthesize that enormous pool of information in a systematic and coherent way. This 40CP project is the culmination of the Master of Finance and Investment program, where the knowledge that students acquired in various subjects of the program come together in the application on the real life equity investment. Students should enjoy this challenge of bringing all their skills together in one comprehensive practical project. Please note that the completion of this project does not provide a pathway for the RHD entry. Students must achieve a GPA of 4.0 or higher for their first 80CP of coursework to progress to either 7253AFE Academic Dissertation or 7252AFE Professional Project. This course is offered only over Summer.

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40 (40)

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Band 3

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