Credit and Lending (7233AFE)

This course has a prerequisite requirement which means you MUST successfully complete the listed course or requirement/s BEFORE enrolling in this course. If you have enrolled in the course without meeting this requirement you MUST WITHDRAW immediately or contact the Program Director if you believe you have extenuating circumstances. It is our experience that students who have not completed the prerequisite course struggle to complete the course and often Fail as a result. It is your responsibility to have any Transfer Credit appearing on your academic transcript before enrolling. This course is useful for students intending to work in the financial services industry, especially for a lending institution such as a commercial bank. For most people in this industry, lending represents the heart of the sector; e.g., loans are the dominant asset at banks, generate the largest share of income and represent the bank's greatest risk exposure. This course deals with the processes of credit evaluation and decision making. It provides an understanding of common forms of lending, lending measurements, ratio analysis and monitoring and controlling credit risks in the context real estate and home mortgages and corporate and business lending. The course is offered at: Nathan Semester 1 Night and Semester 2 Day This course will not be offered after Semester 2 2014. Prerequisite: 7905AFE or 7211AFE (Corporate Finance) Co-requisites: 7204AFE AND 7111AFE ( Financial Institutions Management AND Accounting)

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10 (10)

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Band 3

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Nathan Trimester 2

There are currently no offerings for this course