Multinational Business Finance (7222AFE)

This course has a prerequisite requirement which means you MUST successfully complete the listed course or requirement/s BEFORE enrolling in this course. If you have enrolled in the course without meeting this requirement you MUST WITHDRAW immediately or contact the Program Director if you believe you have extenuating circumstances. It is our experience that students who have not completed the prerequisite course struggle to complete the course and often Fail as a result. It is your responsibility to have any Transfer Credit appearing on your academic transcript before enrolling. The unprecedented growth of multinational business activities in the past several decades is the result of multinational firms successfully identifying their comparative advantages while identifying and reacting to various market imperfections. The existence of market imperfections means that many of the most important financial decisions (eg. Foreign investment decision, cost of capital and offshore financing) of a multinational firm have no direct domestic counterpart but arise due to the transfer of financial resources and claims across national borders and from one economy to another. To understand the dynamic changes in the international financial environment is essential to an executive managing the resources of a multinational corporation. This course aims to offer students a body of knowledge necessary to appreciate the various financial problems and issues a corporate executive faces in managing a multinational corporation or carrying out multinational business activity. This course is normally offered at: This course is no longer offered Pre-requisite: 7211AFE, 7905AFE (Corporate Finance)

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Nathan Semester 2

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