Awareness through Movement (7043QCM)

This course will focus on the awareness of the physical needs of the performer/teacher and reveal how physical coordination impacts on the musical performance. Specific experiential activities will be employed to engage embodied learning and increase the range of effective movement options for each performer. This will be done in weekly 2 hr Feldenkrais Method classes. The application of the methodology will focus on the individual's performance skills and attentional focus, aiming for efficiency, ease and independence through the exercise of self-evaluation. The course also aims to develop the student's ability to observe another person's self-use then learn how to assist their improved function in relation to performance. PRE-REQUISITES: Students should have completed at least 7811QCM, 7402QCM, and 7259QCM. This course requires the approval of the Convenor of Pedagogy

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10 (10)

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Band 1

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South Bank Semester 1

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Restricted: Approval from Course Convenor

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25 February 2019
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10 March 2019
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24 March 2019
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21 April 2019

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Workshop (18312) Open Wednesday 14:00 - 15:50
27 February 2019 - 10 April 2019,
24 April 2019 - 1 May 2019,
15 May 2019 - 29 May 2019
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Queensland Conservatorium
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