Music Technology Honours Project 2 (6721QCM)

This course combines the theoretical, practical and cognitive elements of the Honours dissertation into one cohesive experience. The dissertation or research project addresses a particular research issue within the discipline of music and is expected to make a contribution to the knowledge and context of musical study. The practical components support the dissertation and will focus on the technical theory and advanced techniques necessary for the assembly of professional work with an emphasis on application and outcomes. The credit point weighting of this course (30CP) and the first semester variant (6711QCM MuTech Honours Project 1 - 20CP) reflect the different stages of the dissertation and musical product. PRE-REQUISITE: Approved Entry to Honours, 6711QCM MuTech Honours Project 1

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Credit points (awarded)

30 (30)

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Band 1

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South Bank Semester 1South Bank Semester 2

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