Honours Research Project (6202QCA_P4)

Honours Research Project constitutes a 40CP honours research commitment within the Bachelor of Digital Media with Honours program. Each of the four components of the course combine to introduce students to the rigors of research and engage them in an advanced level of study within visual practice. The expectation is that the research project undertaken will be based within the visual and incorporates high levels of visual literacy. Assessment of the four courses will culminate in one assessment item. Honours Research Project is presented with the Exegesis (completed in 6012QCA) for assessment in a professional context at the completion of all four courses (6202QCA P1-4). Co-requisites are: 6202QCA_P4 Honours Research Project; 6304QCA Visual and Creative Arts Research; 6012QCA Exegesis. Pre-requisites are: 6511QCA Design Research Methods; 6202QCA_P1-P3 Honours Research Project.

Course study information

Credit points (awarded)

10 (40)

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Band 1

Usually available

Gold Coast Trimester 2

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This Course is Final Part of of Multi-part Course
This Course is Part 4 of a Multi-part Course
Restricted: Approval from Head of School

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Course start date
9 July 2018
Last day to add a course
22 July 2018
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5 August 2018
Last day to drop a course without academic penalty
9 September 2018
Restriction: Student must be in a QCA or GFS program. GC students must seek permission from SB program convenor to enrol in SB course. SB students must seek permission from GC program convenor to enrol in GC course.

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Practicum (41608) Open Wednesday 13:00 - 14:50
Weeks 1 - 5, 6 - 12
G31 1.14
Arts & Education 2
Gold Coast Campus