International Humanitarian Law/Law of Armed Conflict (5335LAW)

This course on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to that body of law which was conceived to alleviate human suffering in situations of armed conflict. This introduction to IHL presents and compares the distinct legal regimes governing international and non-international armed conflicts and the convergence between these two bodies of law. It provides the necessary background to understand how the law regulates the conduct of armed hostilities as well as the protection of the victims of war. The former is the so called 'Hague' law while the latter is 'Geneva' law. The course is not restricted to lawyers but extends to government officials, military officers, the staff of humanitarian non-governmental organizations as well as international organizations, and media. The course takes a look at: the historical development of IHL to outline the origins of the current state of the law and the legal and practical challenges arising from contemporary situations of armed conflict; the basic characteristics of IHL and its interrelation with other legal frameworks; the temporal, personal and geographical scope of IHL's application; IHL governing the conduct of hostilities, the protection of the main categories of person affected by armed conflicts, namely the wounded and sick and the medical mission, those deprived of their liberty, civilians in territory controlled by the enemy; and the implementation and enforcement of IHL. It is helpful but not compulsory that students have taken 7728LAW Global Law or 1028LAW Global Law or 5045LAW Public International Law or 5156LAW International Human Rights Law.

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22 October 2018
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4 November 2018
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18 November 2018
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16 December 2018

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