Arts, War and International Law (5329LAW)

The course will explore the relationship between the arts (theatre, film, performance) and international law in times of armed conflict and its aftermath. It will analyse contemporary examples of artistic works from a number of global conflict zones and connect them to rights recognised under international law, such as the right to truth, the right to reparation, the law of restitution and the law on cultural heritage. The starting point of the course will be to ask how and why artists create art during and after conflicts, and will consider the following key issues: artists as grassroots justice activists working with/for victims of mass violations; the difference between reconciliation and social justice projects; analyses of the looting of artworks and artefacts and the subsequent right to restitution; an insight into how victims/the local population engage in creative events in conflict and post-conflict contexts, as well as exercise their right to truth seeking and truth telling and to symbolic reparation. While the rights to truth-telling and truth seeking are important, reparative measures that spring from the artistic work often offer a challenge to a state-centred justice. Artistic exhibitions have become one of the various communicative acts that strive to bring forward survivors' experiences of war and violence to larger audiences in order to break state silence and the denial of mass crime inflicted by the previous regime.

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29 October 2018
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11 November 2018
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25 November 2018
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23 December 2018

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