International Mining and Natural Resources Law (5178LAW)

This elective will explore the development of law for an industry (natural resources), the areas of activity that need to be regulated, the methods governments and industry adopt for regulation, the regimes emerging for international governance (deep sea mining, near earth), a comparison of domestic legislation in various jurisdictions (Australia, PNG, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada, Myanmar, for example), and we will then analyse the skills that a lawyer may need to address the needs of an industry sector, by asking questions such as how does knowledge of legal concepts assist the provision of strategic guidance to clients engaged in a particular industry such as natural resources. Prerequisites: 1029LAW Contracts 1 OR 1014LAW Contracts & Civil Obligations 1; 1030LAW Contracts 2 OR 1015LAW Contract & Civil Obligations 2; 2021LAW Torts 1 OR 2013LAW Introduction to Torts; 2022LAW Torts 2 OR 3003LAW Negligence & Accident Compensation; 3014LAW Property Law 1 OR 3011LAW Property Law 1 and 3015LAW Property 2 OR 3012LAW Property Law 2.

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10 (10)

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Band 3

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Gold Coast Trimester 3South Bank Trimester 3

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5 November 2018
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18 November 2018
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2 December 2018
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30 December 2018

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5 November 2018 - 16 November 2018
S07 1.23
Griff South Bank Grad Centre
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