Publication (3831QCA)

This course is part of a 30CP specialization and enables students to gain publication experience through their placement on the editorial boards of either the Australian PhotoJournalist (South Bank Campus) or The Argus (Gold Coast Campus) newspaper. The Australian PhotoJournalist is an annual publication and The Argus a quarterly. Each casts a critical eye across journalism and attempts to challenge the notions and practices currently employed in this discipline. Each edition is concerned with one social issue and showcases the best of the world's journalists (both image and text). Under the direction of the Executive Editor, students will take a leadership role (text, visual, design editor) in the publication of the APJ or The Argus. Although no formal classes are timetabled students, within an accepted ethical framework, will participate in all the processes of editing the Journal as, and when, required. These include determining content, tone, design, liaising with contributors, pre-press and distribution. Students undertaking this course must be enrolled in the Photojournalism major. Pre-requisite: 3832QCA Editorship

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20 (20)

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Band 1

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South Bank Semester 2

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Restricted: Approval from Head of School

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