Major Themes in Islamic Tradition (3613LHS)

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the most important theological, juristic, ethical and political ideas that have significantly shaped the nature of the Islamic tradition. The course will highlight how many of these concepts are currently being rethought by Muslims worldwide and the various implications this has on Muslims societies as well as relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims. The main ideas include theological concepts such as revelation (wahy) and sunna, legal/juristic concepts such as shari'a and fiqh ; political concepts such as khilafa (caliphate) and siyassa shari'a (political governance based on Islamic law); Salafism ; Wasatiyya ( moderation) ; tazkiyah/tasawwuf (Islamic mysticism) and adab and akhlaq (Islamic ethics and etiquette) . The wide range of reading materials are presented in easily accessible digital form.

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