Industry Affiliates Program (3020ICT)

This course is conducted primarily as individual student placements, or small teams of students within an industrial or research environment and emphasises academic and vocational aspects of modern industry practice. Students consolidate their technical knowledge by undertaking a project in a professional workplace (which may include a University laboratory) whilst simultaneously managing their learning and course assessment. The project provides students with the opportunity to undertake a substantial project that usually has an industry application. Students work in close liaison with their industry supervisor and academic supervisor throughout the project and are expected to demonstrate a good understanding of their project. The course also emphasises that competence in management, business and social responsibilities are essential components in all professional fields and the key attributes of a contemporary industry or research environment. Prerequisites: Students should be in the final year of study and must have completed the online registration form Completion of 80CP of first year level subjects which define the program. Completion of 80CP of second year level subjects which define the program. Cumulative gpa requirements exist for 20CP IAP enrolment. The cumulative GPA requirement for ICT students 5.0. Eligibility for enrolment in the IAP assumes completion of all requirements of the IAP office in preparation for placement, including allocation to an industry placement. In exceptional circumstances minor exceptions may be granted by the IAP Manager to CP completion and cumulative GPA as a prerequisite if this results in earlier completion of the degree or substantial improvement has been shown by students in the trimester/s prior to potential IAP enrolment. Please note: To be eligible to enrol in the IAP, students must contact and register with the IAP office during the trimester prior to the trimester they wish to enrol in IAP. Incompatible: 4099 MEE, 4084ENG and 4504EVE.

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20 (20)

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Band 2

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