The Way of the Dictator (3017GIR)

This course lifts the curtain on the intriguing, frightening and sometimes amusing world of modern dictatorships. The topics covered aim to familiarise students with the most pertinent issues in comparative authoritarianism: What is a dictatorship? What are the different types of dictatorship? How do dictators come to power? How do they consolidate power? How do they maintain power? How do they lose power? What happens to the regime after they leave office? In answering these questions, the course deliberately draws attention to the varying reasons why some authoritarian regimes collapse very quickly and others endure for decades. Using all regions of the world as a focus, it seeks to separate the "dumb" dictators from the "smart" dictators. Given recent and ongoing increases in the number of dictatorships around the world, the course is particularly timely for students. Prerequisites: NIL Co-requisites: NIL Incompatibles: NIL

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29 October 2018
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11 November 2018
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25 November 2018
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23 December 2018

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