The Politics of Identity: Religion, Culture and Globalisation (3016GIR)

Confounding the predictions of secularisation theorists, religion has returned to the public stage in recent decades, not only in developing countries but also in wealthy post-industrial states. This course examines the post-Cold War resurgence of religion, ethnicity and identity politics in the era of globalisation. It examines the rise of religious fundamentalism to the forefront of political consciousness and the emergence of a strident 'new' atheism as counter to this. We investigate the acute challenges posed by these developments to Western assumptions about democracy, human rights and a liberal international order. And alongside the resurgence of traditional religious and ethnic identities has been an intensified search for meaning in the West through privatised 'new' religions, spiritualities and environmentalism. The course takes a multi-disciplinary approach in using sociological, political science and international relations' perspectives to gain an understanding of the complex intersection of religion, culture and globalisation in the contemporary world. Prerequisites: NIL Co-requisites: NIL Incompatibles: NIL

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10 (10)

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Gold Coast Trimester 2Nathan Trimester 2

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8 July 2019
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21 July 2019
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4 August 2019
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8 September 2019

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