Art, Gender, Sexuality and the Body (2431QCA)

This course examines international art practices (from the 1960s until now) that address subjectivity and identity. The course begins with postminimalism in the 1960s and the renewed interest in the body as the subject matter of art. It considers the rise of body art and performance in the 1960s and 70s, and the use of the body as the medium for art. It also examines the moment when gender comes to the fore as a key way of thinking about identity, namely, women's art in the 1970s: the first art to self-consciously attempt to represent gender difference. The course tracks the shifting concerns and debates in art about subjectivity, gender and sexuality across this fifty year period. Topics to be covered include: performance and masochism; identity and essentialism; postmodern irony; female and male masquerade; queer and gay art; and the rise of bad girl and bad boy art in the 1990s, and the current debates about global feminisms.

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