Issues in Photo History: An Introduction (2420QCA)

This course introduces students to major aspects of photographic history relevant to the discipline of photography as it is taught at the Queensland College of Art, namely photo-documentary and photojournalism, art photography, and advertising photography. The course raises questions of photography's ideological function, its hierarchies of value and related issues across major aspects of its functioning. This course broadens the student's conceptual framework for understanding photography by examining important issues, themes, and debates that underpin the discipline and practice of photography in its history and contemporary use. In this course the work of individual photographers will be discussed in relation to the broader contexts of cultural phenomenon and historical circumstance that their work has been produced within. Pre-requisite: 1208QCA (Mapping the Modern) or 1209QCA (Mapping the Postmodern) or equivalent.

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10 (10)

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South Bank Summer Semester 1

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