Painting Studio 2 (2385QCA)

Painting Studio 2 is a studio-based course informed by key concerns of modern, post-modern and contemporary discourses on painting. Referring to the work of significant figures in twentieth and twenty-first century painting, students will develop work that engages with painting as an historical, technical and conceptual practice. This course provides a foundational overview of painting from 1960-present and instigates students to respond in innovative and challenging ways to Painting's history, contemporary circumstances and practice. By reflecting on major chapters of painting's discourse from 1960 to the present, students will be required to reflexively address central themes of painting through the development of studio work and critical discussion. Importantly, students will also reflect on the relationship between those themes and broader interdisciplinary practices.

Course study information

Credit points (awarded)

10 (10)

Study level


Student contribution band

Band 1

Usually available

South Bank Trimester 2

Course Attributes

Restricted: Approval from Head of School

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Key dates

Course start date
9 July 2018
Last day to add a course
22 July 2018
Last day to drop a course without financial penalty (Census date)
5 August 2018
Last day to drop a course without academic penalty
9 September 2018
Restriction: Student must be in a QCA or GFS program or be in program 1051 B Secondary Education, 1567 B Education or 1110/1046 B Multimedia

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Class Availability When Where Notes
You must attend this Lecture
Lecture (42397) Thursday 13:00 - 13:50
Weeks 1 - 5, 6 - 12
S02 4.02C
Webb Centre
South Bank Campus
Class Availability When Where Notes
You must attend this Studio
Studio (46498) Thursday 14:00 - 15:50
Weeks 1 - 5, 6 - 12
S03 6.11
Grey Street Studio
South Bank Campus