Introduction to Oceanography (2206ENV)

The course introduces students to the broad field of oceanography with an emphasis on the physical, biological and chemical processes in the ocean. The content begins with descriptive physical oceanography, and then develops the interconnection between the physical, chemical environments and life in the ocean. Frequent reference to the impacts of global warming on ocean processes is made. Students will access a variety of oceanic data sources, and solve quantitative problems using the MATLAB programming environment. Assessment includes weekly assessable workshops, a group literature review plus a final exam. Non-marine science students who wish to enrol in this course must seek approval from the course convenor or the school administrative officer.

Course study information

Credit points (awarded)

10 (10)

Study level


Student contribution band

Band 2

Usually available

Gold Coast Trimester 1

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Key dates

Course start date
25 February 2019
Last day to add a course
10 March 2019
Last day to drop a course without financial penalty (Census date)
24 March 2019
Last day to drop a course without academic penalty
28 April 2019

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Class Availability When Where Notes
You must attend this Lecture
Lecture (10797) Monday 12:00 - 13:50
Weeks 1 - 7, 8 - 12
G11 3.64
Learning Commons
Gold Coast Campus
Class Availability When Where Notes
You must attend one Computer Laboratory
Computer Laboratory (14573) Open Monday 14:00 - 14:50
Weeks 1 - 7, 8 - 12
G02 1.26H
Clinical Sciences Building
Gold Coast Campus
Computer Laboratory (14572) Open Thursday 11:00 - 11:50
Weeks 1 - 7, 8 - 12
G30 2.15
Arts & Education
Gold Coast Campus