Power and Politics (2139LHS)

This is a course designed to help you understand the meaning of political power and empower you politically. If you are one of those people who say, "I am not into politics" 2139LHS will help you to change your mind. You will be alerted to how the words, issues and activities of politicians and those who are in government have meaning and relevance to you and your life, and the lives of the people around you. Politics is not separable from the world that you and your family live in and the study of political power will help you to see and understand how politics penetrates every aspect of your life. This is because politics is about the exercise of power - Who has it? Who wants it? Who deserves it? And most importantly - who misses out? We are all into politics even if we do not know it because we have no choice. But the more we know the more we can all benefit (individually and collectively) because learning how politics works and learning about the political skills necessary to negotiate power relations is one of the greatest insights our university education can give us. We look at the politics of class, crisis, culture, the military and violence, and what the meaning of citizenship in a transnational world really is?

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