Vietnam Study Tour (2026IBA)

This is a three week course that provides a wide range of in-Vietnam experiences for a diverse set of students, with little or no previous experience with Vietnam. It aims to provide an authentic in-country introduction to Vietnam, business, politics, culture and history. The course is intended for students from a wide range of discipline areas who are encouraged to apply their skills to the Vietnam context. This course is not presented in Australia, apart from pre-departure orientations sessions, and requires travel to Vietnam in a group for the entire duration of the three week program. This course is offered: Offshore: Trimester 3

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Credit points (awarded)

10 (10)

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Band 1

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Offshore Trimester 3

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Course start date
29 October 2018
Last day to add a course
11 November 2018
Last day to drop a course without financial penalty (Census date)
25 November 2018
Last day to drop a course without academic penalty
23 December 2018

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Class (70303) Open Weeks 1 - 8, Mid-Trimester Break, 9 - Exam week This is a non-timetabled class. Please refer to the course profile for further information.